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Benefits of Music

Positive Benefits of  Music

Research has shown that music
is beneficial for the development of a child's brain, helps them to focus and enhances learning. 

Music can aid in the development of the brain's neural pathways. It has also been found to assist in social and language development, particularly for children with autism or other cognitive issues.

Taking  lessons on piano or another musical instrument, singing and  listening to music also appear to help the brain to perform spatial tasks more easily as well as improve mathematical ability.

Music has also been shown to increase focus and enhance learning in other areas, such as reading comprehension and written expression.

Teachers and parents can use music to assist in the ability to cope with stress, alter mood, increase relaxation and focus and to increase the cognitive functioning in children. Indeed, it has been demonstrated repeatedly that integrating music into the educational experience of a child can have very positive benefits on their development.

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Why Piano?

The piano is arguably the most popular musical instrument in the world.

Classical composers (such as Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy and  Chopin) are renowned for their magnificent music written for the piano. 

Today, pop stars (like Delta Goodrem, Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys) are famous for their songs using voice and piano. Most musicians find having some piano skills and being able to read both treble and bass clef very helpful. 

Music featuring the piano has often been used in films, such as Titanic, Harry Potter and Aladdin.

Hence, there is always a  wide selection of piano repertoire (at levels from easy through intermediate to more difficult arrangements) readily available at music stores covering most genres of music - from classical, folk, blues/jazz to pop. 
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