Piano For Life
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What do you cover during a music lesson?

Lessons are usually of 30 minutes duration, although older students and adults can opt for longer lessons. They consist of 

  • practical piano playing - learning correct posture, hand and finger position and working through the pieces in your music tuition books;
  • theory - learning to read/write music notation using worksheets and rhythm and note-reading games;
  • aural - keeping a steady beat, performing rhythms, developing pitch;
  • improvisation - making up and performing rhythms and melodies. 
Do you teach mostly classical music?

My aim is to expose students to as many different styles as possible, from classical through folk, blues/jazz, musical theatre, movie themes to pop and rock. This helps students to develop an appreciation for many genres of music and also helps to maintain motivation to practise.

Does starting the piano mean I need to purchase a piano?

It is a great advantage for students to be able practice at home on a piano as the hammer action of the keys builds their finger strength and provides much stronger technical development.  However, a piano is an expensive investment. 

Keyboards are a more budget-friendly alternative and certainly are suitable for beginners to start practising on (with the intention of purchasing a piano in a year or two.) The main requirement is that the keyboard should have full-sized, weighted keys.  

How much practice is required?

This depends on the age and level of each student. Naturally, the more practice that is undertaken, the quicker the progress that will be made.
I recommend small frequent practice sessions, say for four or five times a week. This is far more effective than one long session, especially for younger children. It is not a good idea to practise when tired as the student will lack focus and find it difficult to concentrate. 
It is beneficial to develop a practice plan that works for the student and then stick to it so that it becomes a habit and an enjoyable part of his/her daily routine.

What are the costs involved?

Tuition fees are slightly less than the recommended rate set by MTAQ. Please contact me for the current fee schedule. Students may choose to pay each week at the time of their lesson or alternatively, a term in advance (with a 5% discount.)
I can recommend music books that are needed, depending on the age and ability of the student. However, if you already have tuition books which are suitable, I am happy to continue using these.

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